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This is a 8-week course to guide you to better understand yourself, how the Trauma With Your Mama shaped you, and to share tools and knowledge that will help you align back to your truest highest self. I will share tools to help you tap deep within yourself to release, transmute, and elevate the heavy feelings and emotions that were buried with the Trauma with Your Mama.

This course was designed for women+ with #MamaIssues who are tired of feeling the way they do & are ready for positive change. This is for the women+ that do not want to hate, resent, or hold grudges against their mothers for the sake of their own spiritual health. This is for women+ who want to heal the pain caused by their mother, but don't know where to start. This is for women+ who are aware of and are taking steps towards breaking generational patterns and "curses", but may need deeper understanding and support. This is for women+ who are ready to do the work & dig deep. Although Trauma With Your Mama was created and designed for women+, anyone who is ready to do the work and free themselves can/will benefit from this course.

So many people, especially women+, have trauma with their mama and deal with #MamaIssues, but often do not express their grievances because it is not a well talked about subject and/or there are not that many open and safe spaces to talk about the matter at hand. Because of the lack of this conversation, the traumas and feelings get ignored, creating problems later on in life (including self-esteem issues, difficulties in relationships, pent up anger, being abused or abusing others, depression, anxiety, and even physical disease). My goal is to help mother the collective, by opening up this dialogue and giving you all tools/skills/knowledge to become aware of the root of the repressed emotions in order to help them heal themselves.

Trauma With Your Mama is a seven-part course that helps you dig deep and break the cycles in the relationship that you have with your mother. Every week we will go deeper and deeper, uncovering what you may have buried in order to have fertile grounds to free up our emotions & GROW from the fruits of our labor.

Whether or not your mother wants to be active in this process, I will help you unpack & begin to heal regardless of her presence. What matters is that YOU change, that is the only thing you can control.

This is what you will learn and what will be accomplished:

-Assess where the relationship with your mother stands + how much needs to be healed

-Put trauma(s) into context. Allow traumas to become words & stories so that they can live outside of you rather than in your bodies

-Learn about where feelings from mother originate

-Access, listen to & nurture your inner child

-Dive into the shadows to see what still lurks there that may cause pain

-Gain and shift perspective in regards to your mother

-Free up space to heal & grow

-Shift narratives from a fearful, hating victim to a humxn who is in control of their own healing. You will tap into your inner strengths to empower yourself.

-Change your internal state so that external validation is simply a bonus, it is not NEEDED for you to feel good about where we are on our healing journey/relationship with our mother.

-Acknowledge the issues so that you can heal yourself and, in turn, heal your family.


Week 1 || Introduction and preparing to do the work.

Week 2 || Part 1 | Breaking Ground: I share the scientific and spiritual significances of the trauma with your mama.

Week 3 || Part 2 | Unearth + Uproot: You uncover what is beneath the surface, finding the sources of imbalance and disconnect, and sort where your relationship is now.

Week 4 || Part 3 | Hands in the Soil: Hello shadow work! Here I will help you dive into the depths and darkness of your inner most being and even your family. You will address the parts that you often don’t even want to talk about or the parts that you may tend to hide or bury.

Week 5 || Part 4 | Prepare the Seed: This is the inner child work. Because of the nature of the issue at hand (a compromised, damaged, &/or broken relationship with your mother), the inner child must be nurtured. You will be journeying back to your child state in order to get answers and gain insight.

Week 6 || Part 5 | (re)Plant: Reparenting yourself. Here we will really examine the effects of what your mama did vs. how you are going to move forward mothering your own inner child.

Week 7 || Part 6 | Nourish: In this section I will help you shift the perspective of your mother, of The Mother in general, and I will show you how to use feminine archetypes to pull from to heal yourself.

Week 8 || Part 7 | Grow: Now that the internal landscaping has been covered, you will turn outwards and make efforts to reshape the relationship with the world ( + possibly your mother) and hopefully come to a place of acceptance.

This course includes:

- Exercises, visualizations, and meditations to tap into the conscious and subconscious mind.

- Links to resources to further support the work when applicable.

- Q&A calls that are available for you to be a part of.

- A community for you to feel supported in.

This is an investment towards your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health. The tools you have access to and learn here will help you over the course of your entire life.

+ ComeUNION:

There will be an opportunity to go deeper into community with one another regarding healing mother traumas.

ComeUNION is an intentional and private community that is a brave space to heal, transmute, process together. ComeUNION is a space filled with trust, envisioning and collective healing, where we can come together and solve problems that we cannot solve on our own. There will be group work and partner work. It is a space to share stories and experiences, encouraging collective support and growth. The members of this space will be mothered as they mother each other because it takes a VILLAGE.

Dates TBD.

Only 12 spots available for comeUNION.

Your Instructor

J. Chavae
J. Chavae

J. Chavae is a wellness facilitator dedicated to helping women+ heal. She is a guide, helping women+, particularly Black women+, address the trauma with their mama and heal underlying mama issues. By holding space for those in her community, by mothering the collective, she hopes to clear the way for the generations to come.

Course Curriculum

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  Week 1: Introduction
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  Week 2: Breaking Ground
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  Week 3: Unearth + Uproot
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  Week 4: Hands In The Soil
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  Week 5: Prepare the Seed
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  Week 6: (re)Plant
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  Week 7: Nourish
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  Week 8: Grow
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
Because this is a LIVE course, you will have access to meeting details and replays for life.

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